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The latest Tectvs news

Tectvs designs inspirational buildings, interiors and spaces with people in mind. As an award-winning Architecture and Interior Design studio, we find inspiration in innovative and sustainable projects.

Why not take a few moments to review the articles below to find out more about Tectvs and our team of dedicated professionals. 

Blog: Welcome

Tectvs goes WEST ….

On the doorstep of a golfing institution this new addition to the suite of apartments forming part of the WEST development is where The...

Happy 30th birthday Tectvs

Yesterday Tectvs celebrated 30 years in the art of delivering innovative, sustainable and award-winning Architecture. It is truly a...

Tectvs loves Copper

This timeless product introduces an element of sophistication and texture to any application. The beauty of Copper improves with age, as...

Project News: Spence on Light

Spence on Light a $25m, Tectvs designed, affordable housing development is well and truly underway. To show us just how far the building...

Tectvs to grow its leadership team

Award-winning multi-disciplinary architectural practice, Tectvs, has promoted two staff to senior positions. The new appointments will...

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