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Our people

“Good buildings come from good people and all problems are solved by good design.” Stephen Gardiner

Tectvs has a team of passionate architects, graduates of architecture, interior designers, and support employees working within our creative, dynamic, and client-centric culture.

All Tectvs employees are encouraged to collaborate, share ideas, and exceed the expectations of clients. We grow and develop through professional learning programs, interaction with clients, external peers, and industry associations. When clients partner with us, they can be confident that they will be working with highly-skilled and experienced professionals that they can rely on and trust.

Our talented Directors and Associates have extensive experience and solid track records in delivering award-winning, innovative and sustainable architecture. 

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Francesco Bonato web.jpg

Francesco Bonato


Antonio Giannone web 03_09_2019.jpg

Antonio Giannone


Gary Bonato-2.jpg

Gary Bonato


Darren Yoon-2.jpg

Darren Yoon

Senior Associate/Architect

Adrian Rossi_-2.jpg

Adrian Rossi


Dina Cocca-2.jpg

Dina Cocca

Interior Designer

Dimitrios Kontakos-2.jpg

Dimitrios Kontakos

Graduate of Architecture

People: Meet the Team
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