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Xerts interior booth.jpg

Xerts Restaurant,

Darling Harbor, NSW

Tectvs developed every component of the design and fitout including menus, mascot and more!

Design Institute of Australia, Commendation (Interiors), 2001

Xerts was a futuristic restaurant/entertainment venue, part of a major urban redevelopment project in the Darling Harbor precinct of Sydney. It was the brainchild of a group of Adelaide designers led by Tectvs Architecture. The project program was driven by the venue having to be up and running by the time the 2000 Olympic Games opened in Sydney.

At the turn of the new millennium, themed restaurants were all the rage in Australia’s largest metropolis. The Tectvs team was charged with the complete brand development and delivery of a space-themed restaurant for Darling Harbor. Tectvs was project manager, design manager, lead designer and interior designer of this technology-driven venue.

Xerts represented one of the most complex integrated and collaborative design processes carried out by Tectvs, involving interiors, furniture, graphics, products, and multimedia. The team developed every component of the design and fitout, starting with the name and including space-themed characters, interior design, merchandise, and a touch-screen multi-media ordering and entertainment system. The project showcased South Australian initiative and innovation, utilising a range of technologies from speaker technology developed in South Australia to furniture custom-made in Italy using the same tooling company as Ferrari.

Xerts: Welcome
Xerts: Gallery
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