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Well Street interior.jpg

Well Street Apartments,

Brighton, VIC

Meticulously designed for sheer elegance

Well Street’s architecture seeks to evoke the familiar intimacy of a home. With this design, incorporating light into expansive open-plan living and bedroom spaces sets the direction of this apartment building. 

The façade, while unashamedly modern, subtly merges into the character of the neighbourhood with its sympathetic form and use of materials. Such is Tectvs' design that it displays tasteful elegance and contextual relevance rather than brash imposition. With dual facades, the articulated frontages boast deep voids created by recessed, full-height glazing; its balconies are defined by translucent balustrades. Inside, light is literally designed into the homes, bathing every room with a warm ambiance and sense of comfort.

Well Street’s defining attribute is its impeccable palette of finishes, instilling every space with texture, detail and an atmosphere of luxury. The apartments feature floor-to-ceiling double glazed windows, with every bedroom opening out onto a planted terrace, ensuring internal spaces are bathed in abundant natural light.

Well Street apartments have been designed to exude elegance and contextual relevance in an eclectic Melbourne neighbourhood.

Well Street Apartments: Welcome
Well Street Apartments: Gallery
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