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TPI (Totally and permanently Incapacitated Ex-Serviceman and Women State Headquarters), Richmond

A new visual identity as told through the building

TPI (Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Servicemen and Women) Federation of Australia had its origins in World War II and evolved through various forms into a national organisation dedicated to building better lives for Australian veterans disabled in the line of duty, and their families. In recent years an ageing and dwindling membership resulted in branches having to reassess their viability. 

The South Australian branch was struggling with the cost of maintaining its grand old headquarters in Adelaide, set on a valuable corner block on South Terrace and Hutt Street. In 2008, after a redevelopment proposal fell through, TPI sold the property and used some of the proceeds to buy a smaller building in less-expensive industrial Richmond, in the City’s west. Tectvs was engaged as the Architect to re-design the building to meet TPI’s operational requirements and establish a new visual identity for the organisation on busy Richmond Road. 

Tectvs undertook an analysis of the two properties, reconciling the requirements and developing a comprehensive return brief for the project. The outcome was a programme to extend the Richmond Road building and design a complete fit-out of the interior, including furniture and equipment. A significant aspect of Tectvs’s input was to curate and design the display of a collection of valuable artefacts donated to the organisation by members and associates over the years. 

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