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Three Little Pigs,

North Adelaide

Like the folktale, this home has a story to tell

Located in the leafy, inner-city, heritage suburb of North Adelaide, the ‘Three Little Pigs’ house stands proudly apart from its heritage neighbours. The steel frame designed to embrace the front façade of the home will, over time, be overgrown by climbing plants, creating a green wall softening the modernity of the architecture. 

The house stands with modern purpose. The ground floor is open, white and full of light. Consisting of an entry foyer, a stunning white and timber kitchen and the lounge area leading to a rear garden. A staircase, accessed from the entry foyer, can only be described as a feature within itself. The lower section of the staircase, constructed from the same timber as the kitchen cabinetry, cleverly merges to form part of the kitchen bench. Later the staircase effortlessly turns 90 degrees to become a stunning, floating, dark steel staircase, which is enveloped by a clear glass frame. As you walk up the stairs, the mood completely changes. Natural light continues to flood the space from the glass positioned above, and around the stairwell, however, the clean white look is replaced with the dark, moody textures featured on the exterior of the home. 

This is definitely a home that both serves a purpose and has a story to tell.

Three Little Pigs: Welcome
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Three Little Pigs 03
Three Little Pigs 04
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Three Little Pigs: Gallery
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