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Riverbank Precinct 01.jpg

Riverbank Precinct, Adelaide

An articulation of a precinct that unites commercial and cultural narratives

Successful urban places demand defined and active edges, amenities, and most importantly, attractions. Apart from destinations, an everyday population is required. Therefore, appropriate usage and scheduled events need to be staged to entice people to use the space during both day and night. The plan needs a careful blend of commercial new age working spaces, smaller prized boutique workplaces, visitor and tourism accommodation, retail, restaurants as well as cultural attractions.  All must complement and build upon existing facilities and networks. 

The Adelaide Riverbank precinct has been a point of contention for the Adelaide City for decades. After significant investment in the Don Dunstan years, the Festival Plaza and Festival Theatre were largely under-utilised areas within the city. The State Government proposed registration of interest to assess ideas for redeveloping the precinct. As part of a consortium bid, Tectvs presented our ideas on how to better activate the riverbank. We proposed that the Festival Square become the vibrant heartbeat of the revitalisation of the riverbank, serving as a gathering place for the South Australian community. In essence, the precinct would become an admired tourist attraction for South Australia. The plan identified space for a new hotel, an art gallery complex to activate the square behind Parliament house and the riverbank area. 

While ultimately unsuccessful as the Architect, Tectvs were heartened by riverbank’s recent revival as a destination and its ongoing developments.

Riverbank Precinct: Welcome
Riverbank Precinct: Gallery
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