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Italia Ceramics Showroom,


Showing off a ceramic showroom

Housing Industry Association, (Excellence in a Showroom Display), 2015 

Showrooms tell a story. They tell us what a brand stands for through the products they sell. Italia Ceramics is a well-known and well-loved South Australian brand. Through an ongoing relationship with Tectvs, Italia Ceramics sought to redevelop their existing showroom to better reflect changing sales and workplace conditions. The challenge was to design a confident space that enhanced an already respected brand.

Naturally, tiles were used throughout to convey the varying product and styling choices of the brand. The showroom reflected both the best conditions for the space and the best conditions for the customer to subsequently view the space. Along with keeping original staircases from the 1970s, more radical departures include a coffee station, a stunning rooftop display area and a working pizza oven as part of an outdoor display area. The showroom blends customers and employees through integrating staff in the showroom, enabling staff to be always on-hand. This integration was a key principle for Italia Ceramics in promoting the relationship between conception, creation and customer. The client was so pleased with the project that it became the centre piece of their new advertising campaign.

As a compliment to the architecture, Italia Ceramics were given the Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) “Excellence in a Showroom Display” Award, where the judges noted of the design: “A large and inspiring showroom with an outstanding achievement in presentation of products. A beautiful space has been achieved with this spectacular showroom.”

Italia Ceramics: Welcome
Italia Ceramics: Gallery
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