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Fisher Street, Norwood

A modern design solution, sympathetic to its heritage surrounds

Master Builders Association, (Excellence in a Contract home), 2006

Urban Development Institute, (Excellence in Medium Density Housing), 2006

Urban Development Institute, (Excellence in Urban Development Environment and Heritage Commendation), 2006

Intruding on the neighbourhood character of the old inner suburbs of Adelaide has become an expensively futile exercise for developers and architects insensitive to the increasing commitment of local communities to preserving their traditional streetscapes. The Fisher Street site in Norwood was located in a Heritage Conservation Zone, where its former single dwelling was to make way for three townhouses without negatively impacting on the character of the site or its environs. Tectvs had designed infill projects within similar constraints in inner-city Adelaide, and its experience gave architect and developer confidence a similarly successful outcome could be achieved in Norwood.

Tectvs provided a design solution that it was to subsequently fine-tune and apply in similar situations in traditional and small-scale streetscapes of urban Adelaide. The front of each connected north-facing townhouse was single-storey in a contemporary take on the row-cottage profile typical of older Norwood. The modest setback, softened behind low-rise brick and timber-slat fencing, connected to a two-storey rear pavilion via a landscaped courtyard.

The linkages with the streetscape and traditional laneways were transparent and friendly.

Fisher Street: Welcome
Fisher Street 01 interior.JPG
Fisher Street: Gallery
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