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Faraway House Redevelopment,


Standing tall by standing alone

Sitting snugly in the CBD, like the house you would often see in fairy tales and films (Stuart Little comes to mind), Faraway House is a quaint little office building located between two large buildings on Franklin Street, Adelaide. While the existing building held no significant architectural heritage, the site itself tells a story of times of past on its modest footprint. Developer, Burke Urban, established a three-stage program to retain and readapt the long-lived but unheralded Franklin Street building as a modern, 21st-century office space. 

Tectvs designed a new interior foreseeing a third storey to Faraway House to continue the recycling of a building that began as a store in the 1880’s and became a commercial office in the 1950’s. Our design opened up the narrow, introverted interior, to become a modern, open office space. Clever, innovative design created an optical illusion of expanded internal space. The redevelopment also upgraded services and addressed all building safety requirements. 

Faraway House lives another day to occupy a unique site within the city; it is like no other building near its location. Its size promotes artistic intervention and almost single-handedly creates the social conditions for the activation of laneways either side. Faraway House is a subtle eccentricity.

Faraway House: Welcome
Faraway House: Gallery
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