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Cairns Street Townhouses, Adelaide

City living, city lounging

Australian Institute of Architects, Commendation (Residential Architecture, Multiple Housing), 2010

A townhouse development proposed for a small street off the inner-Adelaide boulevard of Hutt Street presented a typical challenge: the multiple constraints of the streetscape, heritage, planning requirements, and developer-driven budget restrictions. It had been a familiar scenario for Tectvs throughout its almost twenty-year involvement in the sea-change shift in South Australia from suburban houses to smaller dwellings in medium-density developments. 

Tectvs was able to draw upon its relationship with the sensitivities of historic and small-scale inner-suburb neighbourhoods to develop an exciting solution to a restrictive site that would go on to become an award winner. The Australian Institute of Architects Awards Jury noted that the planning and budgetary constraints had worked together, “Married by the skill and persistence of the Architect, to achieve an outcome which is exemplary in its execution.”

Tectvs designed a contextually familiar yet contemporary presence to the street, which opened up to a two-storey rear. A central courtyard acted to cross-ventilate and expanded interior spaces, and careful consideration of the space between spaces promoted flexible living areas. Achieving an active street engagement as well as useable front rooms provided a unique blend of modern living and local development plan aspirations. 

Cairns Street townhouses are an example of city living done right: a well-reasoned division between living and sleeping spaces, an abundance of natural light and modern finishings. 

Cairns Street Townhouse, Adelaide: Welcome
Cairns Street Townhouse, Adelaide: Gallery
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